14 July 2011

Cuties Catz Cat Food

Ingredients :

New Biscuits

Old Biscuits

My Thoughts

I noticed the biscuits are different. Only the shape and size is the same.

The old type is dark brown and thicker.

The new type is light brown and thinner.

This dry food is not suitable for cats with poor digestive system, it will cause serious constipation.

Big Head poops normally and his feces are normal too. After he ate the biscuits for less than a year, he could not poop anymore. He squatted around here and there wanting to poop but nothing came out. He did this for the whole day and many days after. Finally one day I saw his feces, they were black and hard as rocks.

He had difficulties in pooping for a month, till he died on 12 Oct 2010. He suffered greatly before his death.

But when Bunny and Mimi ate the biscuits, they are fine. These 2 cats poop alot, they have great digestive systems. However, from time to time, Mimi vomits out the biscuits.