15 September 2011

Science Diet - Adult Original

Ingredients :

My Thoughts

This dry food is suitable for cats with urinary track problems and poor digestion.

It has prevented Baby from having urinary track problems. Bebe who has poor digestive system does not vomit when she eats it.

It is nice that the small round biscuits fit nicely inside their mouths.

However, when this round biscuits drops onto the floor, it rolls and bounces all over.

12 August 2011

Baby In A Dress


Baby is wearing my doll’s dress, made by my mummy. She can fit into many of my doll’s dresses.  

But not anymore, now she has grown too fat for them.

baby07 20.01.2001.jpg

14 July 2011

Cuties Catz Cat Food

Ingredients :

New Biscuits

Old Biscuits

My Thoughts

I noticed the biscuits are different. Only the shape and size is the same.

The old type is dark brown and thicker.

The new type is light brown and thinner.

This dry food is not suitable for cats with poor digestive system, it will cause serious constipation.

Big Head poops normally and his feces are normal too. After he ate the biscuits for less than a year, he could not poop anymore. He squatted around here and there wanting to poop but nothing came out. He did this for the whole day and many days after. Finally one day I saw his feces, they were black and hard as rocks.

He had difficulties in pooping for a month, till he died on 12 Oct 2010. He suffered greatly before his death.

But when Bunny and Mimi ate the biscuits, they are fine. These 2 cats poop alot, they have great digestive systems. However, from time to time, Mimi vomits out the biscuits.

20 June 2011

Iams Adult Cat - Roast Chicken

Ingredients :

My Thoughts

This triangle shaped dry food is dark brown in color and very hard.

It is different from my previous purchase of the chicken dry food.   It used to be lighter brown in color and softer.  The only similarity is that they both are triangle shaped biscuits. 
Dr. Vet recommends Baby to eat this due to her urinary tract problem. It has prevented her from urinating blood. But she still has constipation.

Bebe cannot eat this dry food, it gives her indigestion. She will vomit the biscuits out everywhere on the floor.  The previous version was fine for her, but not this new one.

I have heard so much that Iams tests on live animals. Cats, dogs and other animals are cut open and chop off their legs while they are still wide awake. They do this to see how the animals' internal organs and bones react after eating the food, so that they can improve on their products.

I truly hope this is untrue, harming innocent lives is cruel.  It is really evil.

For more details, please Click here and here.

17 June 2011

Fussie Cat - Fresh Tuna & Sardine

Ingredients :

My Thoughts

This can food has a very strong fishy smell. It makes the poop stinks.

I do not like the sardines with bones. Bebe will spit the bones out on the floor or leave them inside her bowl, it is kind of messy.

16 June 2011

MCM Blueberry Shampoo with Conditioner

My sister bought it from Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia


For fresher, cleaner and smoother coat.

MCM Pet Shampoo with conditioner has been specially formulated to gently clean and soften the coat without upsetting the delicate pH of the skin.

Directions :

Wet your pet’s coat with warm water.  Apply shampoo and work well deep into coat, taking care around the eyes and ears.  Rinse well.  For best results, shampoo again and rinse thoroughly.  Dry and groom as usual.

My Experience

This thick, smooth and slimy purple shampoo has a very strong blueberry scent.    

The perfume smell is too strong for my liking.  

It comes in a convenient flip cap.

Wet fur.  Squeeze out shampoo onto my palm, add water to dilute and apply onto the entire cat’s body.   

This shampoo can never be fully diluted when mixed with water, I see the purple undiluted shampoo still on my palms.    

Also, when I add water to dilute, as I rub my palms together, a portion of the shampoo drops to the floor.  It is really difficult to pick it up from the floor, it is so slimy that when I touch it, it moves away.   

It will not sting the eyes, so it is fine to wash on the entire head, then to the body, legs, tail and private part.  Rub for a few seconds and rinse off with water.  This shampoo will leave a smooth conditioner coating on the fur.    

After bathing and drying, the fur feels soft and smooth.  The smoothness will last for about a week.  The blueberry scent will last for a day or two.

14 June 2011



Ingredients :

My Thoughts

It comes in a convenient zipper bag. 

This treat is huge and hard.  I have to break it into half so that it is easier for them to bite it up into their mouths to chew.

Healthy Bites - Breath & Dental

Ingredients :

My Thoughts

It comes in a convenient zipper bag. However the foil bag is the very thin type. When I pulled open the tightly shut zipper, the bag torn apart.

This treat is really hard.  The biscuit coating is very hard to chew on and it sticks to their teeth.  

I have to break it into half, easier for them to bite it into their mouths to chew.  

A treat per day, each for Bunny and Mimi.

Bunny the greediest one will eat it, though I can see that she does not really like it.

Baby and Mimi reluctantly eat it.

Bebe totally ignores it.

I do not know if it helps to keep their breath fresh or teeth clean.  I have no intention to sniff their stinky mouths, always have the strong fishy smell and smelly saliva.  I see their teeth are yellowish in color.

07 June 2011

Kookamunga Krazee Kitty Premium Catnip

My sister bought it from Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.

Baby loves to eat it.

Cat Fell To Its Death

2009 - From Baxter's Facebook

Before the fall, he was seen by an elderly Malay couple on the parapet outside their flat on the 6th floor. They told me that the husband picked him up and placed him on the floor but he jumped up onto the parapet again.  When the old couple came back, they saw me picking up the carcass at the void deck. 

From the scene, the cat could have struggled dragging himself for about a meter before he died.

Calico Cat

2009 - From Baxter's Facebook

She died.

She was having an extremely large lump (as big as the size of her head) near the left side of her stomach and thigh area.  I'm still not sure what was the cause of it.  She was then skinny and weakening.

Ginger Cat

From Baxter's Facebook

While on my way to work on a grey Monday 10.01.11, saw the carcass of a young untipped ginger tom outside a condominium just by the roadside.  Internal bleeding.  Dried blood stain found on nose n mouth.  Possibly a victim of a mobile accident.