20 June 2011

Iams Adult Cat - Roast Chicken

Ingredients :

My Thoughts

This triangle shaped dry food is dark brown in color and very hard.

It is different from my previous purchase of the chicken dry food.   It used to be lighter brown in color and softer.  The only similarity is that they both are triangle shaped biscuits. 
Dr. Vet recommends Baby to eat this due to her urinary tract problem. It has prevented her from urinating blood. But she still has constipation.

Bebe cannot eat this dry food, it gives her indigestion. She will vomit the biscuits out everywhere on the floor.  The previous version was fine for her, but not this new one.

I have heard so much that Iams tests on live animals. Cats, dogs and other animals are cut open and chop off their legs while they are still wide awake. They do this to see how the animals' internal organs and bones react after eating the food, so that they can improve on their products.

I truly hope this is untrue, harming innocent lives is cruel.  It is really evil.

For more details, please Click here and here.


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