07 June 2011


2010 - From Baxter's Facebook

Weakening.  Still not eating and drooling a lot more than the previous time.  Food n medicine threw up last nite.  Contemplating whether to proceed with home sub-cut today.  Better to send her to hospital to put on drip before further damage inside. 

Chewy vomited at 3.30am.
Colour of the red capsule med for liver n fried fish meat I gave her 3 hrs earlier.

Chewy at the vet on 19.09.10 (Sun).

Not eating, keeps vomiting, tongue licking, dehydrating, quiet and not active - Chewy is showing signs of constipation.

Pumped lactulose orally and she threw out.
Pumped lactulose into anus and the tube that attached to the syringe had difficulty pushing inwards.
Finally managed to push in and pumped lactulose.  Only black lactulose liquid
came out from anus. 

No no... not Royal Flush again...sigh!!

Processed dry food all Suxxx!!!


The more I send her to the vet, the more the stress Chewy is going to get.
She is even less active now as compared to before I sent her to check why she is not peeing.

Whenever I pour fresh water into the water bowl, Chewy would walk towards it showing interest in drinking but she couldn't do so, she just rest her head on the water bowl instead.

You can see she is like a water bag now although she has not been eating for almost two weeks, just water pumping into her from sub-cut n IV.

Every 2 hours for hydration. Chewy's body is like a big water bag now and she is not even peeing at all.  Her face is getting skinnier.
She is not going to make it.
I have come to terms that whatever treatment now is just to minimize her suffering before she leaves.

Chewy's 2-days medication from The Animal Doctors.


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