04 June 2011


On a Wednesday night, as I was going home after jogging, I was really shock to see a black snake crawled passed right infront of my feet.  One step more, I would have stepped on it.  I am very afraid of snakes 
When I took a closer look, it was at least a meter long.  It seemed scared as it was desperately crawling away from me, wanting to escape.
I have no intention of harming or killing it.  I was following it from behind for some photos taking.  Soon it managed to find its way out from humans’ pathway.
It did not appear anymore after that rainy day.  Guess it came out due to the heavy downpour.  It was forced out as its home is flooded.
Hope it is safe and live a happy life.  Do not ever appear infront of any human beings and never harm humans and animals. 



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