16 June 2011

MCM Blueberry Shampoo with Conditioner

My sister bought it from Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia


For fresher, cleaner and smoother coat.

MCM Pet Shampoo with conditioner has been specially formulated to gently clean and soften the coat without upsetting the delicate pH of the skin.

Directions :

Wet your pet’s coat with warm water.  Apply shampoo and work well deep into coat, taking care around the eyes and ears.  Rinse well.  For best results, shampoo again and rinse thoroughly.  Dry and groom as usual.

My Experience

This thick, smooth and slimy purple shampoo has a very strong blueberry scent.    

The perfume smell is too strong for my liking.  

It comes in a convenient flip cap.

Wet fur.  Squeeze out shampoo onto my palm, add water to dilute and apply onto the entire cat’s body.   

This shampoo can never be fully diluted when mixed with water, I see the purple undiluted shampoo still on my palms.    

Also, when I add water to dilute, as I rub my palms together, a portion of the shampoo drops to the floor.  It is really difficult to pick it up from the floor, it is so slimy that when I touch it, it moves away.   

It will not sting the eyes, so it is fine to wash on the entire head, then to the body, legs, tail and private part.  Rub for a few seconds and rinse off with water.  This shampoo will leave a smooth conditioner coating on the fur.    

After bathing and drying, the fur feels soft and smooth.  The smoothness will last for about a week.  The blueberry scent will last for a day or two.


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