14 June 2011

Healthy Bites - Breath & Dental

Ingredients :

My Thoughts

It comes in a convenient zipper bag. However the foil bag is the very thin type. When I pulled open the tightly shut zipper, the bag torn apart.

This treat is really hard.  The biscuit coating is very hard to chew on and it sticks to their teeth.  

I have to break it into half, easier for them to bite it into their mouths to chew.  

A treat per day, each for Bunny and Mimi.

Bunny the greediest one will eat it, though I can see that she does not really like it.

Baby and Mimi reluctantly eat it.

Bebe totally ignores it.

I do not know if it helps to keep their breath fresh or teeth clean.  I have no intention to sniff their stinky mouths, always have the strong fishy smell and smelly saliva.  I see their teeth are yellowish in color.


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