15 September 2011

Science Diet - Adult Original

Ingredients :

My Thoughts

This dry food is suitable for cats with urinary track problems and poor digestion.

It has prevented Baby from having urinary track problems. Bebe who has poor digestive system does not vomit when she eats it.

It is nice that the small round biscuits fit nicely inside their mouths.

However, when this round biscuits drops onto the floor, it rolls and bounces all over.


gnoma said...

Sometimes I buy this for my Maya (the small pack) especially when cold arrives: I usually buy diet food in winter and treatment food in the summer :)
She loves the smell of these biscuits a (her first vet used these when she was a kitten, maybe they reminds to her youth? :D) nd I prevent the bouncing (aahahahahah) using a rug under her bowls.
Good food, by the way!!!!! Adviced from me, too!!! :D

Bebe said...

Yap, I agree its good food. Its recommended by our Vet too. Think, I'll stay with it for a very long time.

gnoma said...

I always need to change, since maya is choosy: if she get used to a specific food, then she won't eat nothing else >_<
For this reason I always buy 3 different brands and I give her a different food each day, so it never gets used. I'm her humble slave, this is the truth! :D

Bebe said...

I can't change as two of my cats need this for their poor internal systems.

Those good brands are too expensive, and I don't want to buy the cheap ones. The price of Science Diet is slightly expensive, but still afforable.

gnoma said...

I agree with you. My grandma learned to me that there are 2 things you don't should save to: food and health. Maya is my family, it's natural for me buy for her the best food I can, even it was expensive :)

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