15 April 2011

Javan Myna

Javan Myna

One night, so happens that I was looking up, saw a baby Javan Myna falling off the roof top of 22nd storey. 

It landed on a platform outside the 2nd floor.  Managed to fly over the parapet wall to the corridor of someone’s flat.  They have a cat.

Heard this baby bird screaming so loudly.  Hearing it sounds so pitiful, I went up to the 2nd floor. 

It cannot fly yet, just flapping its wings to fly a little then falls to the ground.

I am scared of birds, so I do not dare to use my bare hands to carry it.  An elderly man put it on top of a plastic sheet for me. 

With it lying calmly on the plastic sheet, I carried the 4 corners of the sheet and brought it up to the 22nd floor. 

Since I cannot access to the roof top, I left it near the parapet wall to the open sky and nearest to its nest, hoping that its mother will pick it up. 

I left tiny bits of apples for it.  Seeing it so calm, I pat its head.  It is cute. 

I am worry that it will get hungry in the middle of the night and also worry that it will jump off out of the parapet wall again.

The next morning, it’s gone.  The apple bits are gone too.  The entire floor is so clean.  I wonder where this baby bird has gone to.

Later, I found out that birds do not carry their babies.  The mother will come back to feed it until it is old enough to fly away.  So where has it gone too? 

I checked on the ground floor, I do not see any sign of it.  Dead or alive, I wonder?



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