29 April 2011

Cats in Greece


0140 - P1000511 22.10.2006

1530 - P1010622 26.10.2006

Argolis Region

0300 - P1000532 Corinth Canal 22.10.2006


0551 - P1000669 22.10.2006


0860 - P1010078 23.10.2006

I love this cat.  He is so gentle and has a good nature.  He loved me carrying, hugging and kissing him.  He is hungry and is rather thin.

I will definitely bring him home if I lived in Greece.

0860 - P1010079 23.10.2006

1010 - P1010153 Sanctuary of Apollo Pythios 24.10.2006

1010 - P1010160 Sanctuary of Apollo Pythios 24.10.2006

1020 - P1010163 24.10.2006

1040 - P1010303 24.10.2006

Mr Chef standing behind, gave them pieces of chicken meat with bones, choking the yellow cat.  Luckily, it managed to vomit it out.


1280 - P1010463 25.10.2006

1280 - P1010526 Holy Monastery of Saint Stephen 25.10.2006

1280 - P1010529 Holy Monastery of Saint Stephen 25.10.2006

1290 - P1010541 25.10.2006

Mdm Japanese tourists fed them.

These 3 cats live in the mountain with rocks, forest and road.  I wonder how do they survive?  There is not a single soul there, so where do they get their food and water.  From tourists, I guess.

My Thoughts

There are so many cats in Greece, everywhere from city to the mountain areas.

Those at the mountain areas are skinny, hungry and scaredy cats.  Some are skin and bones.  Only the friendlier ones made themselves visible to the tourists, wanting to get food from them.
Most are sterilized ( their left ears are tipped ) in the city area, but not those at the mountains. 
Hopefully, someone will sterilize all of them.  Otherwise, in the future, there will be tons more of homeless cats.
When they are over populated, what will the authorities do?  They destroy them.  Hopefully, that will not happen in Greece, as the many animal lovers will protect them.

26 April 2011

Dogs in Greece

Argolis Region

0331 - P1000548 Epidaurus Theatre 22.10.2006

This dog kept following us, probably hoping to get food from us.  

I felt real uncomfortable to see a rather thick metal chain locked with rather huge pad lock on its neck.

0331 - P1000558 Epidaurus Theatre 22.10.2006

0395 - P1000629 Mycenae 22.10.2006

At the Archeological Site, this friendly dog is lying in the parking area with a badly injured right leg, that it could not walk.  It was a public holiday on the day when I visited.  I prayed that it will be spotted by the working staff, on the next working day. 

0395 - P1000633 Mycenae 22.10.2006

0410 - P1000640 22.10.2006

A cute little dog came begging for food infront of the restaurant.  My tour friend gave it some biscuits.  We wanted to pat it, but it avoided us.  It is a scaredy dog.


1320 - P1010595 25.10.2006

This little puppy is really cute.  As we walked to the back of the restaurant, even before we could see it, we heard it growling and barking fiercely.

We looked around the yard and finally spotted it hiding behind some garbage.  It acted so fierce, warning us to get out of the property.

I am not at all afraid of a small puppy, so I walked slowly towards it.  Then suddenly it stopped barking and came to me with a wagging tail.   

It allows me to pat and hug it. It is really adorable.

1320 - P1010597 25.10.2006

24 April 2011

Calico Cat


Calico cat disappeared for a year. Came back being very skinny, with ribs and bones protruding. Then disappeared again. Later, I heard that she died of cancer in late 2010. 
Pictures are taken during her healthy days.

22 April 2011

Batman Cat


The two black patches under her eyes, make her looks like she is wearing a mask, like Batman.

0008 - P1120447 27.12.2006


All the kittens have vanished

0002 - P1110829 03.12.2006

0006 - P1120090 17.12.2006